Partners (institutional) name RUPRECHT KARLS UNIVERSITY HEIDELBERG / Mannheim Institute of Public Health, Social and Preventive Medicine
Role in the project Operational project partner
Responsible person (for the project) Priv. Doz. Dr. Freia De Bock
Address SEMINARSTRASSE 2, 69117 HEIDELBERG, Germany,
Homepage http://www.uni-heidelberg.de
Main activity in the project
Main area of work concerning ICF-CY and Social Paediatrics The department of Heidelberg University involved in the current Strategic Partnership is the Mannheim Institute of Public Health, Social and Preventive Medicine (MIPH). Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Fischer (MSc), it comprises a multidisciplinary team of around 35 scientists, doctoral students, and administrative staff actively involved in program evaluation, research and teaching. MIPH’s primary mission is to develop and implement innovative and comprehensive strategies for health promotion within society. Specific expertise lies on evaluation of health promotion programs in schools and occupational settings. Activities in the Division Child and Health and the Research program “Early Prevention and Health Promotion” focus around promoting health of children and their families. The current project of “On the job learning by using ICF-CY in Social Pediatrics“ aims to improve the direct medical care as well as the care environment and training of the experts caring for children with developmental problems and disabilities in Social Pediatrics. The ultimate goal of the on the job learning is to improve the children’s health status, increase patient and family satisfaction as well work satisfaction at the level oft he carer.

ICFCY-Meduse Project